A colourful hotel

A disposizione dei nostri ospiti 28 stanze tutte colorate e diverse l’una dall’altra. Alcune sono dipinte e arredate nei romantici toni pastello, altre invece in colori più accesi e glamour.

We offer our guests 28 different coloured rooms. Some ones are in light tones, other ones in bright colours.
In every room you can find comfortable furnishing, air conditioning, hairdryer, telephone with a direct line, TV/Mediaset Premium pay-TV and wireless internet access, mini-bar.

By choosing to stay in these rooms can also benefit from the pleasurable effects generated by chromo therapy.
By staying in our hotel you can let you sway by the colours and feel harmony, energy and joy. Colours are part of us, they give us the day-night rhythm, the rhythm of the seasons, and they are communication and food for our souls. Colours represent knowledge about ourselves, because they bring light inside of us.

The healing effect of colour in the human being is connected with our cells: we are made by colour!


With colours we can feel the magic of our existence


Yellow is the colour of light, of the sun,
of warmth and wisdom.
It inspires intellectual, digestive
and depurative activity.
People, who love this colour, are friendly,
joyful, rebel and clever.
Yellow coincides with
the third chakra Manipura.


Green is the colour of balance and renewal.
It is fresh, relaxing
and disinfectant.
People, who love green,
are well-balanced,
objective, careful, reliable and calm.
Green is the colour of our
fourth chakra Anahata.


Blue is the colour of calm
and harmony.
It is relaxing, disinfectant
and analgesic.
People, who love this colour, are calm,
loyal and simple.
Blue is the colour of our
fifth chakra Vishudda.


Violet is the colour of intuition,
creativity and spirituality.
It affects the nervous system,
it is healing and relaxing.
People, who love violet,
are genuine, artistic,
mysterious and sensual.
Violet is the colour of our
sixth chakra Ajna.


Orange is the colour of joy, passion,
emotional involvement
and optimism.
It activates the muscular
and pancreatic system.
People, who love orange, are positive,
happy and welcoming.
Orange is the colour of our
second chakra Svadisthana.


Red is the colour of energy,
love and passion.
It activates energy and vitality.
It dissolves blockades and
activates the circulation.
People are friendly,
outgoing and strong.
Red is the colour of our
first chakra Muladhara.

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